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Studio legale Di Nella

Avv. Maria Grazia Di Nella STUDIO LEGALE DI NELLA

Supreme Court lawyer, member of Milan Bar Association, she is a founding partner of Studio Legale Di Nella), based in Milan.

Specialising in family law, rights of persons and minors, she is an active member of AIAF, the Italian Association of Lawyers for the Family and for minors (Associazione Italiana degli Avvocati per la Famiglia) and the Association of Juvenile Court of Milan (Associazione Camera Minorile di Milano) and is registered in the specialised legal aid lawyers to female victims of violence (BURL – reference number 46 17.11.2016). Her main areas of activity are as follows: Italian Family Law, International Family Law, Estate Planning and Family Law, Rights of Minors, Law of Successions and Donations, Law of Persons, Immigration Law.

She holds a M.A. degree from the University of Bocconi and a second master from the School of Advanced Training AIAF (Scuola di Alta Formazione AIAF). In 2011 she obtained a diploma in Family Counselling at the Scuola Superiore di Counselling at Berne. Her skill-set, experience and ongoing updating in the legal field also benefit from her training in psychology. All these resources allow her to fully understand the client, guide him, support and promote positive attitudes and intents – not only to reach an agreement but also to manage in a sustainable way legal proceedings at the courts.

She acts as juvenile probation officer/tutor to minors, either on behalf of the courts or as a trustee lawyer of both public and private associations.