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F&C Studio legale tributario

Dott. Francesco Fabbiani F&C Studio legale tributario

Chartered accountant, member of Milan association of chartered certified accountants, is a founding partner of the firm F&C – Studio Legale Tributario, with offices in Milan and Lugano.

He has acquired many years of experience in tax consulting, both national and international one, with a focus on taxation of securitisation, the sale of NPLs, financial products, real estate operations and the ones in the art world.

Dr. Fabbiani has had a long experience in Revenue Agency, developing special expertise regarding the rights and obligations of the companies subject to tax audit and enforcement of anti-avoidance rules. He was a member of the Committee for examining requests for the disapplication of anti-avoidance rules and coordinated checks on the Italian citizen moved to low-tax jurisdictions and law enforcement to Community VAT fraud.

In the field of expertise, he held positions of CTU and the liquidator, as well as a number of positions of CTP in criminal-tax trial.

He currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Auditors.

He is a member of the Trust Commission and protection of heritage established by the Milan association of chartered certified accountants.

He is a subject matter expert in the fields of Tax Law, Faculty of Economics at the Catholic University of Milan headquarters and has lectured at numerous seminars at the Revenue Agency and the School of Economics and Finance, as well as numerous courses and conferences organized by other institutions and companies, in particular: SDA Bocconi, American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Centre for banking studies of Vezia-Lugano (CH), University of Insubria.

He is an author of tax and accounting monographs and of numerous articles published in specialised magazines and tax dossier published in national newspapers: Corriere della Sera.

Avv. Raffaele Caccavo

Avv. Raffaele Caccavo F&C Studio legale tributario

Lawyer, member of Milan Bar Association, and partner of F&C – Studio Legale Tributario, with offices in Milan and Lugano.

After earning his master’s degree in Corporate Tax Law from Bocconi University, he began his professional career at a leading international law firm in Milan and since 2012 he is a partner at F&C – Studio Legale Tributario.

He specialises in the legal representation and defence of taxpayers, both in front of administrative bodies at the pre-litigation stage, managing the relationships with the tax authorities in order to arrive at measures of self-protection or tax settlement, and in the courts, during litigation, representing the client in the proceedings before Tax Court regarding appeals against tax assessments and collection.

He has also gained significant experience in the process of regularisation of assets held abroad in violation of the tax legislation monitoring (so called Voluntary Disclosure) providing his assistance also in the process of handling the matter with the Revenue Agency, in order to ensure a correct assessment, by the Administration, of the tax-relevant circumstances.

He is a regular speaker at conferences and training courses in the tax field and author of several articles on tax journals.