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Criminal Law

Lo Studio Bolognesi | Avvocati Penalisti di Impresa has provided assistance and advice in the field of criminal law since 1982.

Today, they are well-established thanks to the experience gained in the corporate and economic crime law (corporate crimes, bankruptcy, tax and financial crimes), environmental crime and criminal offences against public and individual safety.

The areas which fall within the remit of the Firm are as follows : crimes against the public administration, justice administration and crimes against persons and property through the legal assistance and advice to organisations and individuals in front of the relevant Italian Courts, as applicable, as well as before the European Court of human rights.

The firm offers its clients the first-class assistance and support for developing structures of adequate delegation, even in the complex industrial reality. In addition, the firm provides expert advice on the risks associated to the fulfilment of complex corporate transactions or on the relations management with the Supervisory Bodies.

Since 2002, the firm accompanies organisations in preparing organisational models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, while also ensuring legal aid in criminal proceedings to suspected or accused companies.

The lawyers and staff team benefit from advanced techniques and technologies that facilitate communication and research activities, as well as the best Italian technical consultants, experts with knowledge across multiple disciplines.

Thanks to the synergies created by the teams of professionals and consultants, the firm has been able to achieve significant results, recognised in Italy and abroad.

Among the main customers is: Eni, the Belgian multinational Solvay, Renolit Gor S.p.A., Api Anonima, as well as various government agencies and public companies with in-house operations.

The tradition of the firm, still very much alive today, is devoting great care of the defence of the individual, even in relation to crimes committed outside business context.